Why Irrelevant Rambler?

We all have creative minds and we all choose to use them in different ways.  Some of us neglect them, some of us use them in a productive way, some of us live in them most of the time.  I’m one of the latter.   I’ve called myself the irrelevant rambler because, whilst I love to write, I don’t believe my words are important, we are all on our own paths and my rambling words are not likely to alter yours.  Words are important to me however and I feel the urge to put them down and invite others to read them, hopefully to enjoy them and maybe even get something positive from them, even if it’s just a smile.   I am a passionate, avid reader of books and most of what I have learned has been through reading fiction.  That’s why the majority of my blogging will be in the form of fictional short stories and poems, they will always come from my observations of my life and the world around me, so I guess that makes them non-fictional….confused?  Join me then, let’s ramble on without the need to say anything important or solve the problems of the world and perhaps our creative confusion will bring us unexpected, joyful answers to life!