A distinct lack of character

That’s me folks, totally lacking in character!  I would like nothing more than to be disciplined and focused at all times.  Oh who am I kidding? no I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t be me if I were that predictable and I think, even with my prevailing lack of character, I’m actually ok!

However, it is this lack of discipline and focus that makes writing incredibly challenging for me.  If I don’t get on and finish something straight away, I get distracted, I’d like to tell you that I get distracted by very important things but it’s more likely to be a seriously good book or Netflix series!  After becoming distracted I lose focus which leads to losing interest and more often than not I end up putting the project aside and conveniently forgetting about it.

The Grotto almost ended up in that Black Hole of unfinished projects and brilliant ideas but how could I do that this time?  I’d put it on the internet! Goodness, the pressure! I had to finish it or else all those that had started to read it would see my lack of character 🙂  So, with maximum effort on my part I’ve done it, thank goodness for the willpower which made me sit here all weekend and get it finished.

I hope all of you that read it, enjoy it and I thank you so much for taking the time and for your support.

I can’t promise to be consistent with this writing lark! but I’ll do my very best and I will always get there in the end.


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